A Short Story :Do You Understand?

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Do you understand? “They’re here!” shouted a voice from the hallway. President Martin looked up from his paper on tumbling economies on wall street. He wearily looked into the hall, when suddenly secret service members came bursting through the door and grabbed him from behind his desk. “Let’s go Mr. President, ready the shuttle, eagle is going underground.” President Martin was shunted forward out of the office down the hall and into the panic elevator. The red door closed and the elevator started downward. No one said a word, but thoughts flew through the president’s head. Who was here? What did they want? Does this mean war? Is it the Zulus again? The last thought was a little farfetched, but he could not rule out anything (President …show more content…

He looked just in time to see a missile hit one of the cylindrical mechanisms. The red explosion turned into black smoke and the ship fell and smashed into the white house. The news reporter with the green tie put his finger to his ear. While the white house burned behind him, he said, “It seems the spaceship has crashed into the white house. And the president is dead.” He then continued to beat other passerby’s. The president sat back in his seat, he breathed a sigh of relief, happy that the invasion never actually occurred. He would have to tell the nation that he was still alive, much to their dismay. The main screen flashed on again. The president's heart sank as another aliens face stared down at him. This alien looked more official, with eyes that were more sure, an almost suit looking piece of cloth on it's body, and a flat hat sitting on it's head. A pale middle finger rose from it's hand. “I think he’s giving you the bird sir” said one of the guards who had the bad tendency to always speak his mind. “No son,” mocked President Martin “I think it’s for you.” The main screen shut off. The monitor for the outside of the white house showed another larger Fordish looking spaceship flew over the exploded second spacecraft. A tractor beam nabbed all evidence of the wreckage and took it into the hull of the ship. Afterwards a small stream of liquid was sprayed off the side of the ship and the spacecraft flew off into the sky. The president sat

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