The Attack Of The United States

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The date September 11, 2011 will forever in our minds. This date known as 9/11 has changed the world forever. It was horrific and devastating to the world when United States was attacked by an Islamic Extremist group called Al-Qaeda. They were on a suicide mission and planned out to target 4 main sites. They wanted to strike the 2 Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon and the Capitol in Washington, DC. At the time, airport security was weak and not equipped or educated enough to handle such terrorism. This left the world in disbelief and shock. How could this happen? How did nineteen terrorist men go through our airport security concealing box cutters and knives without being detected? The first…show more content…
Meanwhile as the world is trying to figure out what was going on in New York, the third plane Hit it’s target. The Pentagon headquarters was hit at 9:45 am on the west side. This plane was another Boeing 757 American Airline Flight 77. The massive hit lead to major structural damage causing the building to collapse. The strike killed over 125 military/civilians and 64 passengers who were on the plane. The world was still in chaos and couldn’t believe another plane has hit one of our buildings. We know now that this was no accident. United States was under attack. Just as the Pentagon was being hit, the chaos in New York took another devastating blow. The Twin Towers in an instant begin to collapse. Firefighters, police, all rescue personnel and civilians tried to rush to safety taking cover where they could. The air filled with black dust and smoke that you couldn’t breathe or see in front of you. The big cloud of smoke and dust overtook the streets of New York for miles long. With the destruction of the towers, over 3000 people were killed including 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 New York City police officers and 37 Port Authority police officers. As the world was trying to deal with what they knew and believing this was an act of terrorism, all flights coming and going where halted. But there was still one plane not
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