A Short Story

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Deep in his heart, Shiro knew that he loved the man standing in front of him. Through thick and thin the pair had been there for each other, no obstacle would ever be above their love, but that didn't mean that they weren't ready to test limits and push boundaries. Takashi had never been tied up before, at least not in a pleasurable way, so the feeling was completely foreign. With just enough room in the scratchy rope to turn his wrists, he didn't feel as if he was in danger, and he was well aware that if he pulled hard enough the knots should come right undone. The black paladin also happened to have a dark red bandanna covering his eyes, preventing him from knowing exactly what was going on in the room. They weren't planning on going …show more content…

He was worried he would lose it before anything interesting happened. His head was already buzzing. "I am going to lose it if you don't-" Takashi growled, though he was abruptly cut off by the hand wrapping around his thick member. Muffled sighs slipped from the pink lips of the incarcerated man. "Don't what?" Typical of Lance to mock him like that. The bed squeaked as the blue paladin climbed onto the bed, straddling Shiro. Only then did said man realize that his partner was naked as well. Shiro grunted quietly, wishing that Lance could see him rolling his eyes beneath the cloth. Shifting, his flirtatious boyfriend continued to tease him. "C'mon, you have to use your words. You're a big boy now, aren't you?" Scoffing, he pulled on the rope binding his hands to the headboard. The minimal friction he was receiving was simply not enough. Luckily, he didn't have to worry about that very long. Lance seemed to grow impatient himself, after all there was only so long he could deny himself in order to tease his lover. After a moment of silence, Shiro detected a small popping noise, then Lance's hand returned to his member, this time with a slick gel. Moans quietly escaped from the Cuban man's mouth, and it was apparent that he was

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