A Short Story : The Drive Back To Carters

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The drive back to Carter’s was quiet, almost everyone had fallen asleep aside from the driver and Phoenix who sat numbly in the back seat just two people away from Carter in the overcrowded vehicle. “Sleep kid” The driver spoke softly “everyone heard your little argument, you could use the rest” “I can’t” Phoenix replied coldly “what’s your name anyway?” “Why not?” the man asked “Hector” Phoenix looked over at Carter and shook his head “Nothing” “Damn straight it’s nothing” Hector assured him “the boy said you two are set when this is over stop turning it into something it’s not, he’s right” Phoenix nodded and looked over his sleeping friends and Anna “yeah, I’m going to get some sleep” he said slowly, looking over to Carter again, …show more content…

Phoenix smiled bitterly, angry that he’d been so easy to see through “Carter kissed me” he frowned Allen smiled and made quiet whooping noises, punching Phoenix in the arm and winking “we seen that one coming” he smirked “good dream then?” Nix shook his head “No, he...he doesn’t like me...back. He said while the war exists, we’ll never be anything and I guess even in my dreams I’m having some issues coping” “You’re scared we won’t win?” Allen smiled sadly. Phoenix only nodded in response not knowing what else he could possibly say. “Have you spoken to your dad yet?” Phoenix asked, trying desperately to change the topic. Allen’s eyes widened at the sudden mention of his father, it hadn’t occurred to Phoenix that Allen hadn’t known his father had been successfully recovered yet, the small spark of hope in Allen’s eyes ignited into a burning flame almost immediately. “Dad’s here?” he asked with uncertainty. “Yeah, he’s in with Mike and Hector” Phoenix smiled. “Who’s Hector!?? Allen called already half way out the door, Phoenix could hear him yelling out for his dad as he roamed the house and quickly pulled himself off the floor and out of Carter’s arms that he didn’t even realize were secured around him to help Allen look. “I wish you’d hold me for just a little bit longer” Phoenix whispered to a sleeping Carter before running out of the room to go find Allen. Phoenix couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly Allen had

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