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After talking to Lucy, Seth spent the rest of the evening at his favorite pastimes: drinking, throwing up, drinking, watching television, drinking while watching television, throwing up some more, a sudden round of cold chills, and drinking. The new television was one he had scored from a Craigslist ad he came across after having left from his visit with Dr. Stevens. It was one of those now out-of-date projection TVs people seemed to be always trying to get rid of in exchange for the more modern flat screens LCD that are much lighter and have a better quality picture and sound. That was just fine by Seth, though. The new boob tube may have been a nuisance to its previous owner, but it was still better than the last one he had and at a …show more content…

You’re just sitting there on your duff as usual, getting stoned, and playing those stupid games.” “Alright, calm down, honey,” Seth defended, barely taking his eyes from his game to address how upset his girlfriend was becoming. “I’ll pick a new tie up tomorrow and I’ll spend the whole day hitting the streets looking for work. I’m sure something will come along.” “Well, Seth, you better!” Lucy cried. “I don’t know if you’ve ever put down that damn game and the dope long enough to realize this, but do you see how big my belly has been getting lately? Do you know why that is? It’s because there’s a baby growing inside of me. In three months we’re going to be parents, Seth… you’re going to be a father. “Is that what that is?” Seth proclaimed. “Oh, thank God. I didn’t want to say anything before because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but I had honestly thought you’ve been really letting yourself go lately.” “Shut up, Seth,” snipped Lucy, “this isn’t funny. I’m near the end of my second trimester and I should by now be taking it easy at this point for the sake of our baby, but I can’t. I have exams next week that I need to study for, but I can’t find time to do that either, because the rents due on the first and all of our other bills need to be paid, and the refrigerator is empty again. I’ve had to deal with nothing but

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