A Short Story : The Story Of A Story

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It was a cold rainy night. The wind was deadly as sharp blades skimming past my face. The floor was slippery as an eel.

On a cold rainy night Jimmy went out to pick cherries for his mother. He grabbed his raincoat and went peddling on his bicycle to the cherry fields. When he got there he started picking up cherries and saw which ones were ripe and which ones are bitter, he chose the bitter ones for his mother's recipe.

When Jimmy finished cherry picking he went back to his house. It was raining very heavily. On the way there he slipped off the cliff. It was about a 20 meter drop. Jimmy was injured but he Jimmy landed onto a shrub, Jimmy jerked to the left because his leg and arm was bruised very badly, on his bicycle on the other hand was completely broken. His brakes didn’t work anymore and his tyres were as flat as a paper.

When he got up he heard a voice from the forest where he was, he walked towards the voice and heard someone calling for help. Jimmy was scared and worried he quickly asked “Is anyone there!” He heard the voice once again “HELP!”. Jimmy was so scared that he hid underneath a trench which he had saw when he landed onto the shrub. He stayed there for about 15 - 20 minutes. Jimmy got out from the trench and he walked towards where the noise was coming from.

Jimmy continued to walk and you would not believe what Jimmy saw, he saw another boy which looked about the same age as Jimmy, 14. Jimmy asked him what His name was his name was Billy. He looked

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