A Short Story : The Story Of Grandma Terre's Story

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I met this incredible woman late in my life. She happened to come into my life once my mom married her son. She always had something interesting to say about her life. When this paper was discussed in class I knew who exactly I was going to write about. Here is the story of Teresa Torres: Currently Grandma Terri is seven-eight years old. She was born in El Paso, Texas on October 3rd, 1939. She was born and raised in a small town. Growing up in such a small town she was very secluded to world events. In the mid forties, about eight years old, she knew there was a war happening, which was World War II. She only knew the war was happening because her father worked on the Southern Pacific Railroad, his employer kept him busy during this …show more content…

She grew up drinking Mexican hot chocolate. In most Mexican cultures, the practice of religion was important. During Christmas time, she would celebrated the nativity. They would also make tamales, which is a traditional Mexican Christmas dish. She would also celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. Her family would travel to Juarez, Mexico and watch the festival. Dia De Los Muertos is an important Mexican tradition, in which Mexican families honor their dead ancestors with food and gifts to show that they remember them. She also often listen to Mexican movies and listen to Mexican music. As a child, for entertainment she replied mostly on imagination. Since television was introduced into America in the late 1940s she did not have a television until her late teens. She replied on the radio. She would listen to shows such as “Low Ranger,” and comic books as such Little Lulu. Little Lulu was her favorite. As she grew older she would go to the movies on the weekends, which would play cartoons, world news, and double features. Movies back then only cost twenty-five cents. She use to play jacks with her family and friends out in the front porch since there was no air conditioner.. She would make paper dolls on her spare time. Her and her family would go out to Big Boy, which was a popular diner style restaurant in Texas. She would also travel to Juarez, Mexico. They would visit

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