A Short Story : The Story Of Momma's Life

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I knocked on the door it was that soft kind of polished wood. I heard a faint whisper saying “Come in.” I walked in and said “Hi momma how are you doing?”
She replied with “I’m okay.”
I said “Where’s dad?”
She said “I think down in the car. How’s my little star?”
“She’s great,” I said with a smile.
I looked over at momma she was suffering. She was fighting cancer. I never really thought someone I loved so dearly would get cancer. She said, “Why did you name her star?”
I smiled and said “I named her that because when I adopted her, her eyes twinkled… like a star. I also did it because that’s your middle name.”
Momma smiled. She just so happens to ask this question every time. I feel like I have this connection with momma, that none of my brothers and sisters have. Momma fell asleep. Beat Beat I couldn’t hear anything but our hearts. Then it went silent. I got knocked out of my day dream. I looked at the monitor it wasn’t going up and down anymore. It stopped. I yelled “Nurse! Nurse!” three nurses came running in. They stopped dead in their tracks. Momma’s doctor came in.
Dr. Lee said “Could you please step out of the room.” I nodded and walked slowly out of the room, rubbing my hand against the smooth wooden door. I passed all the rooms with sick dyeing people in them. Some will go home. Some will not. They had that soft elevator music playing, the TV’s running. All of that sound playing and I couldn’t hear it. My mind was like a white piece of paper that had

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