A Short Story : The Story Of Takoda's Story

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Takoda felt the vertigo hit him hard like a mack truck and he struggle to keep him upright as the nauseous was slow to leave his body. The mixture of dozen different perfume and the heavy musk of his own vomit was giving him a headache and he shut his eyes as he fisted a hand in his hair. Trying to relieve the slow building pain from reaching even higher. Voices drifted in and out his ears as his blurred vision was slowly coming into focus. In other words, Takoda looked wrecked and his mouth open to forms words, but it came out in an inaudible slurred of words. The man stared was harsh and without saying a single word was able to convey that Takoda nearing death was impending. Even the ghost of a smile did nothing to calm this powerful man ill intent toward him. So instead he bent his head and return the stare with a dirty look himself. The man was looking down on him and Takoda didn’t like it. Yeah, he pukes on the guy but didn’t mean he was somehow trash. [color=][b]“Takoda what the hell?”[/b][/color] His name was shouted at his wife and he winces as he really didn’t need someone shrieking his name outside of bed. Takoda notices her fearsome blue eyes and he thought of how bright there were even with his compensation. Currently, he was stuck between two angry identical stares. His arm was grabbed and pulled down slightly as she apologizes to her father. Takoda closed his eyes in disbelief that this was his first impression of Renee father. Takoda wanted to apologize

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