A Short Story : The Story Of The Seashells

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She hated being the center of anyone's attention, little lone five other's with their eyes focused on her. "There's not much of a story to tell, most of my family and friends never believed my tale of seeing a mythical Scottish creature. My summer vacation started much like the rest, however, that visit I witnessed the unbelievable and an extraordinary event. I'd been walking the shoreline on my search for shells when I saw my first and only Selkie sighting up till the present." Adaira told the group the story of how the year she turned seven, she stayed with her grandmother for the school break like she did every summer. Nonetheless, on that particular day, she'd left the cottage to gather seashells to make a gift for her mother. Her grandmother had made one request, not to go into the water by herself and she made sure to follow her instructions. Normally, she spent her time with her young girlfriends or once in a while, she hiked the hills with her sister. Instead, that day she wanted and an early start, to find the perfect shells by herself. She told them after two hours of searching the shore, her blue plastic pail had grown heavy. So she found shade beneath a stone outcrop to sort her seashells. The only company she noticed happened to be a group of boisterous Grey Seals playing out near the huge rock formation. The quartzite pillars were directly in front of her grandmother’s home beyond the breakers. Their barks and splashes coming from the

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