A Short Succession Of Steps Essay

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My shoes squeak against the dull linoleum floor, the tips of my laces reflecting the glow of the florescent lights overhead. The room falls silent, thirty pairs of eager eyes cast upon me in silent judgement.
“Umm…” my voice stretches upon my lips, sounding much squeakier and higher than I remembered. Clearing my throat, I try again. “ Mrs. Purol here?” A low murmur passes through the classroom, and a short woman, adorned in cardigan and tartan plaid, whips around, a head of wild brown hair flying behind her.
“You must be my freshman,” she says throatily “I’m Mrs. Purol, welcome to tenth grade English.” In a short succession of steps she guides me to a seat in the second row, and takes her place at the front of the classroom. “Everyone,” she begins, “This is Elizabeth. She is a freshman this year, and therefore new to the high school experience. I want each and every one of you to make her feel welcome.”
Again the faces swivel in my direction, and a low hum of murmurs and giggles fills the air. Uncomfortable with all of the attention, I sink lower into my seat. What have I gotten myself into?
Throughout my years in the public school system, I had always struggled to make friends. From the taunts of the bullies on the playground on my first day in kindergarten to my social ostracization in intermediate school, I had never connected with any individual on a personal level. I was known as the class “smart kid”, and while this earned me much respect in the eyes of my
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