A Situation That Illustrates Deviance That I Have Personally From A Middle Class European Family

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A situation that illustrates deviance that I have personally been involved in would be my adoption. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted because my parents were teenagers and couldn’t afford to keep me. I was adopted into a Middle Class European family and am the oldest child of the family. My sister is also adopted from Korea, but we are not biological. My adoption is deviant in two ways. The first is that my biological parents were teenagers which presents a deviance from the traditional sense of that having children should be had after marriage. In addition, it presents another deviance due to my parents and I being of different races, and break the traditional homogeneity of family structure here in the United States. My…show more content…
This label deters me from deviance because I feel that the family I live with gave me a second chance. I could have been aborted, or kept in Korea and lived in poverty. However, I was given a chance to be successful and was adopted into a family that supports me and loves me. I feel that I should take the opportunities that I have to work hard, and to be successful and make my parents proud. Another part of being labeled as adoptee, would be the initial reaction people have towards you in a social situation. For example, in supermarkets or restaurants, the cashiers and waitress give me a strange look, because I look very different from my parents. Since adoption is deviant from the traditional sense of child bearing, it surprises people to see adopted children and their first impression is confusion. I was raised in an Evangelical Christian family, and the ideals of hard work, honesty, and love of neighbors were values intrinsically taught to me as a child and my second label would be “christian”. By participating in deviant acts, not only would it hurt my parents for working hard, so that I could be successful, but also go against my Christian values. Both of these motivate me to stay out of deviance and to focus on school and family. The negative sanctions of parental disapproval and disappointment are powerful punishments to also deter me from deviance. The final label I have would be “citizen”. When I came to America, I had
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