A Small And Median Business Enterprise

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This case study will identify an overview theory of power, conflict and legal issues in a Small and Median Business Enterprise (SME) ‘Grove Juice’. It will develop an integrated overview of Grove Juice background and define concepts related to the distribution channel of a Business to Business (B2B) relationship in marketing. Through examining B2B relationships for the Grove Juice company, readers will have a better understanding of power and conflict issues that are associated with the business. It will also explain how the issues in products and pricing can significantly influence the target market and consumer behaviour. It will highlight the positives and negatives of a B2B relationship and the disadvantages of Grove Juice competing…show more content…
This case study will help provide the organisation with a deeper understanding by examining the management issues related to Grove Juice. Through looking at the elements of conflict, power, and the legal issues in the company, it will determine the weaknesses in the organisation and implications can be made to benefit and improve the business model within the context of its marketing channel. This can be done by using the marketing mix strategy to find about the history of the business, product or service, promotion and distribution, and their pricing strategy.
Grove Juice (GJ) Pty Ltd is an independent owned and operated business manufacture that has been located in Mansfield, Brisbane and was founded in 1969 (See Appendix A & B for images of the business and more detail). The company structure is currently a proprietary limited legal entity (Pty Ltd) that has been around for approximately 30 years and was registered and owned by an Australian family in 1989 (ASIC, 2015). The Grove Juice company is also known as a brand which sells juice products of five different flavours and unique blends such as, orange, mandarin, apple, passionfruit, lime, strawberry and mixed fruits (Grove Juice, 1969). Grove Juice bases much of its business models on selling fresh good quality natural fibres and organic juices. Extended service of Grove’s products is also available through transport, delivery and pickup.
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