A Social Group

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In life, we all play different roles. I am a daughter, niece, friend, student, employee and artist. The definition of a social group is two or more people who interact on a regular basis in routine ways and who share a common sense of membership and identity. A social group example would be classmates in one section of a class and an example of an aggregate would be New Yorkers riding the subway together. An aggregate is not a group but a collection of people who briefly share the same physical space but do not see themselves as belonging together. Over the summer, I auditioned to be part of a theatre company and was asked to join. The name of the company is called Complete Theatre Company and they do shows and have acting classes three days a week. I was recently part of their improvisation show “Call My Dog’’. The people in the class range from ages eighteen to seventy five, normally in the Friday class, they are about 15 people that come, but it depends on the day. It differs week to week. A normal acting class is formatted by doing physical and vocal warm ups, having a keynote speaker where we talk about different aspects about the business of acting and then Annie goes around the room and asks us if we have a scene or a monologue to work on and if we do, we work on them and the class gives positive feedback. We are a primary group because we are small in number, we interact personally (we know about each other’s personal life) and we show genuine interest and support
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