A Social Science Research Project

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“Meggie!” my mother hollered roughly, “would you just take a few minutes to clean out your closet? I could spy your tank tops from under that pile of smelly socks. Not to mention the mountain of dirty laundry on that unmade bed is gross.” I sighed and leaned against the sofa. But here comes my father smirking beside me, “Can you give me a kiss before you head off to school?” Immediately, I grabbed my keys and walked out of the house with my unzipped backpack, not bothering to even look at him. Sometimes, I just wish my morning routine could have a slight change. To simply put, I really don’t want to walk out the house while rolling my eyes hard, at least not that often. As part of a social science research project developed at UBC, I am now stranded on a small remote island. Surprisingly, my cabin, particularly the closet is unnaturally clean. No dirty laundry in sight and the bed is miraculously made every day. Although I have all the necessities of life, there is still something missing. I feel lonely. My heart aches simply from my parent’s absence. It is not until I have to spend a year on this island, away from home that I finally realize how much I appreciate them more than I already do. In order to get through the dreadful days, I’m reminiscing about the two most important people in my life.
Seeing cruises and boats sailing through the waves from my cabin windows, I can recall an early childhood memory. I used to tell my mother, “Look! Boats know how to swim just like

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