A Story Of Romantic Love Or Courtly Love

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Marie: Tell me, is yours a story of romantic love or courtly love? Francesca: Mine is a story of romantic love; of passion and lustfulness. Marie: Go on, please. Francesca: I had been married to Gianciotto, an old and deformed man. As time went on, I began to fall for Gianciotto’s younger brother, Paolo. One day, Paolo and I sat reading from a book when we came across a rather intense romantic scene. We got caught up in the heat of the moment, and ended up kissing. Marie: And then? Francesca: My husband quickly discovered the affair, and killed my lover and I. We were swept away by the passion of the moment. Marie: Ah, yes, such was the fate of the lover in “Yonec.” Francesca: I do not remember all the details of “Yonec.” Would you…show more content…
Marie: That I did, but you deprived your husband of love without reason and it is also not proper for a man to love any woman he would not want to marry. Would Paolo have wanted to marry his brother’s wife? A man who is too overcome with passion may not truly be in love. Did you not say yours was a moment of passion? Francesca: You are correct, however why should love be rule-governed? Marie: To distinguish between proper and improper love. To distinguish between romantic and courtly love. Francesca: That is fair enough I suppose, whoever I still maintain that there must be a better way to deal with improper love. Marie: Are you familiar with Bisclavret? Francesca: Perhaps? The story of the baron who becomes a werewolf and his wife who took his clothes and another lover? Marie: Yes. Do you remember the punishment that the baron gave his wife for her lustfulness and deceit? Francesca: I do not, please remind me. Marie: He tore off her nose. Do you see this to be a more proper crime? Francesca: No, of course not. Marie: Then please, tell me what you feel would be the proper punishment? Francesca: The punishment for lustfulness shall be conducted in the depths of the inferno. Marie: And in this world? Francesca: In this world? I know not. Marie: I feel the fate of you and your lover, like the fate of the baron’s wife, is justified. Francesca: And the fate
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