A Story Of The Robot : A Short Story

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The robot had been out for 24 hours now and already Jasper has lost his family from the explosions. All 4 of them were dead except for him. He was alone and the frigid night air had engulfed him in chills as he lay on the hard, burned ground.The robot….the robot was originally a government project. Then the AI nuclear robot went rogue, escaping the facility where the tests were being run and started blowing everything up across Dead Creek, Farem, the capital of the Government. As he lay in the ashes of his home he thought, for just a moment, he could survive this tragedy. He quickly shook the thought off as he didn’t want to get to confident. But he knew he could he just needed a plan, where would he go, how, and with whom would he do it with? He thought that he might be was the only person in the city still alive. The closest district was Barem which was on the other side of the forest which was full of savage mutant animals from the war, so how was he supposed to get there? He got up and walked in the direction of the old armoury. As he neared the donut shop he noticed just the slightest bit of movement on the far corner of the seemingly dead store, then he saw them, Kevin, Rose and Amanda and he knew exactly how all of them would get out of this junkyard. He immediately called to them to come over. They were hesitant to but they did slowly make their way to him. As they introduced themselves he told them about how he wanted to leave. Kevin was a very tall masculine

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