A Strategic Framework For Customer Relationship Management

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Assignment 4: A Strategic Framework for Customer Relationship Management Sushanth Kothapally Introduction This paper enhances the bread of CRM awareness thus helping in adding more customer value and consequently shareholder value. The paper discusses alternative perspectives of CRM where Payne and Frow (2005) emphasizes the need cross-functional, process-oriented approach that positions CRM at a strategic level. The paper identifies five such processes and goes on to develop a new conceptual framework Summary Paper begins by defining important aspects in CRM to build a perspective around it. The aims to provide alternative perspectives of CRM, emphasize the importance of a strategic approach to CRM within a holistic organizational context, propose five key generic cross-functional processes that organizations can use to develop and deliver an effective CRM strategy, and develop a process-based conceptual framework for CRM strategy development and to review the role and components of each process [1]. The article suggest that customers are ambiguous on the approach to adopt for developing a CRM strategy hence this framework would come handy. The confusion arises due to widely defined terms on the scale of narrow to broad. “The definition significantly affects the way an entire organization accepts and practices” [1]. The article encompasses the information Payne and Frow gathered from field based research on large scale companies. They choose to research large
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