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Bus 297 – Quiz # 1 Review
In preparation for the upcoming quiz, focus your review on the following topics in the textbook. This is a closed book and note quiz. The quiz will be taking on Canvas, be sure you have installed browser lockdown. This is a timed quiz with 45 minutes to complete.
Chapter 2: * Types of sales jobs * Salespeople who focus on gaining new customers called hunters or pioneers. * Order-takers this category of salespeople try to increase sales as they build customer share * The sales effort by providing information and performing other supplemental services called Missionary sales people * Merchandiser * Personal selling approaches * Stimulus response: stimulus response
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Defining strategic business units * 4. Setting objectives and resource allocations for each strategic business unit.

* Definition of strategic business unit * The basic purpose is to divide the corporation into parts to facilitate strategic analysis and planning. An SBU is a designated unit within a corporation that operates like an individual business. SBUs typically consist of a single product or line of related products marketed to defined market segments.

* Objectives for the SBU and sales organization – Exhibit 3.2 * SBU Objective * Build Market share * Hold Market Share * Harvest Market Share * Divest/Liquidate Market Share * Sales Organization Objective: * Inc Sales Vol. expand Distribution * Maintain Sales Vol. * Reduce Selling cost and target profitable accounts * Minimize Selling cost and clear out inventory * Customer relationship management (CRM) * CRM is a strategy resulting in developing the most appropriate relationship with a customer, a process that is supported by technology and that may not necessarily yield deep or strategic partnerships with all customers.

* Marketing mix and personal selling * One of the most difficult challenges facing the marketing strategist is making sure that decisions concerning the product, distribution, price, and marketing communications areas result

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