A Streetcar Named Desire Reputation Essay

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Showing your true self is much better than creating a lie of your life. Having a good reputation is important, since it can open many doors for you and make you become an admirable person in society. Although obtaining one should not get to a point where you must lie to other about who you truly are. While in the play A Streetcar Named Desire the author Tennessee Williams demonstrates that a good reputation is much more important than the reality you are living. Tennessee Williams uses the characters Blanche and Stella as an example that people prefer to lie, ignore or conceal parts of their lives in order to be seen as respectable people. Although I disagree with this statement since in the end the reality always shines through. …show more content…

Throughout the play Blanche also lies about her real age because she want to be perceived as younger, since she is still single she doesn't want people to think that she has lost her opportunity. Because of this she uses paper lanterns and avoids being seen in light since she doesn't want people to realize the truth. She justifies this by saying she “never was hard or self-sufficient enough... You've got to be soft and attractive. And [she's] fading now! [she] don't know how much longer [she] can turn the trick” (92). The paper lanterns are a way she can conceal her true identity, it's a way for her to not deal with the reality. She's living in this lie where she thinks that by putting paper lanterns everything is seen in those pastel colors, concealing the truth behind them. But I don't think she is conscience that that is not how it works and sooner or later she must face reality. Another event she conceals is her ex husband's death. She lies about what had really happened to him and the reasons why he had died. Being left because your husband was a homosexual would affect her reputation. People would talk about her behind her back and spread rumors which would ruin blanche’s reputation. That is why instead she created her own story. After hearing herself tell Mitch the real story she says she had never lied “Never inside, I didn’t lie in my heart” (9.59). Meaning she had believed all the lies she had been saying. She had immersed

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