A Study Of Ethics And Morality Essay

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The study of ethics and morality is an extremely broad and general theme. It covers countless different areas of human life and our relationships with the decisions we make and their effects on all aspects of our own and others’ lives. According to the text of Thiroux and Krasemann, the topic of sexual morality is truly “the heart of morality” (260). The morality of human sexuality and marriage deeply covers the complex characteristics of human relationships and friendships, sexuality, love, intimacy, and a multitude of other moral engagements between humans. The main objective of this paper is to examine and clarify why, as humans, we should be concerned with the sexual morality of ourselves and others. While other major themes covered prior may not relate to all humans directly (such as abortion or the debate of taking a life), moral issues in sexuality are experienced by every member of humanity. In certain societies, the sexual behavior of a person is intensely dependent on the policies and rules of their religion. Even though religion serves as the mighty tradition holder of many cultures, it does not provide a fair explanation for how people should behave in terms of sexuality because of its ambiguity and lack of clarity. Sexual morality should be a concern to all human beings because we are all influenced by the purposes and public and private aspects of human sexuality, and we also all face conflicts in regards to various moral issues of sexuality. In addition, the
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