Ethical Ethics Of The Ethical System Essay

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Do you think people believe that ethical systems are important to the world, or do you believe you have to actually learn about it to understand? The main focus of this paper is to better understand the ethical system. Ethical system is defined as beliefs of being right or wrong; it can be from religious values or even personal experiences. The topics I will focus on is teleological, then talk a little about the differences between deontological and teleological. Secondly, my current ethical system that best fits me. Third, major influence in my life that pushed me into my specific ethical system. Fourth, my current career plans, Firth ethical issues associated with my profession, and lastly, examples of specific ethical dilemmas that professionals in my career path have to face. Based on the ethical system we have discussed in class is ethic of care. Teleological mean judges behaviors based solely on their consequences. According to the lecture, teleologist believes that cheating; lying, torturing and killing can be moral in some circumstances but not all. The rightness or integrity of an activity is somehow dictated by the results, which take after from the demonstration. According to Frankena, a definitive standard of what is ethically right or wrong is the esteem brought into being. The last assurance must be founded on the near measure of good delivered or the similar adjust of good over fiendishness created. In this manner, a demonstration is correct if and just if

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