A Study On Responsiveness Of Customers Towards Print Media And Deliverable Satisfaction

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“A Study on Responsiveness of Customers towards Print Media and Deliverable Satisfaction”
If you don 't read the newspaper, you are uninformed, you are unexciting ; if you read the newspaper, you are well-informed and you are conversant. Daniel J Boorstin
Today Newspapers are considered to be the best source of news and information. In many respects it is also a medium of communication among the peoples across the world.

There are thousands of newspapers published around the world. Readers are keen and got desire to learn more and more about the affairs and news of the world. This has enabled because of the spread of education throughout the world which has improved the curiosity of people to learn about new things in the society. As a source of information, the newspaper is almost indispensable to those who are eager to acquire knowledge. These newspapers cover various news from the distant corners of the earth. Those Information which are of high importance would arrive almost early as possible. As a result of the technology and others related factors, readers everywhere are getting information about the most important happening event in the world very quickly and within a short span of time.

The world is getting smaller and smaller everyday with the advancement of technology and media. The integrated communication system has developed among the nations. Newspaper is as a strong media of…
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