A Study On The Transgender Community Essay

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Introduction: Towson University prides itself on being accepting and welcoming to people of all races, ethnicities, and sexualities. A majority of students on campus feel very safe and comfortable across the campus. However, the transgender community has limited access to bathrooms in which provide safety and comfort. Transgender or gender questioning individuals on campus will often avoid the gender specific bathrooms. This can cause an impact on academic achievement. Students in the transgender community will sometimes walk or drive to the nearest gender-neutral bathroom. With only five gender-neutral bathrooms available to all students attending Towson University, finding a gender-neutral bathroom can be a time expensive activity in most cases. This can cause a student to miss important parts of a lecture or takeaway study time. Other students will not use the bathroom until they are home. Not using the bathroom can cause adverse health issues. Towson University needs to provide a gender-neutral bathroom in every building on campus to make the transgender community feel more comfortable.
Going to a public bathroom and feeling comfortable and safe is taken for granted by a majority of the public in today’s society. Most people have no hesitation about using their bathroom of choice because their gender identity matches the sex posted on the bathroom door. But, what happens when a person’s self-identity contradicts societal norms? Transgender men and
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