A Study Report About My Placement Experience With The Scouts Victoria Essay

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This case study report is about my placement experience with the Scouts Victoria, one of the largest non-for-profit youth international organisations in Australia. This report starts with my role as an intern, followed by challenges encountered, few issues observed in the organisation and self-reflection.
Having no experience working on a real project before that involves the community or event management knowledge, this community-volunteering placement gave me an opportunity to explore my career field in marketing. It was all new to me and I had no idea of how it would be like or what to expect. I was provided with some background knowledge and guidance about community volunteering and what to expect when working for a non-for-profit organisation. However, I did not have a specific plan about how I was going to tackle this project or how I am going to manage my time, I thought I would take it as I go along as always I do with my other assignments.
Upon joining, each staff member either volunteer or not needs to go through police check and working with children’s check for safety purposes. Online training and worksheets are provided, which teaches about safety, scouting, duties of staff etc. Even though there is a lot of paperwork involved, it ensures members of scouts their responsibility towards the children, staff and the organisation. This organisation has some paid members as well to carry out administration and managers tasks. Some managers are paid and some are

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