A Summary Of Superman And Superman

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Superman and Batman are iconic superheroes. DC comic book superhero fans relentlessly argue about, “Who is the better superhero, Batman or Superman?” Superman is a more advanced and interesting superhero because of his superpowers. Superman was born on the planet Krypton when he was just a baby he was sent to Earth in a space pod. Baby Kal-El, Superman's name that was given to him at birth, was sent to Earth because of the instability of his home planet. Shortly after his space pod left Krypton blew up. Once Kal-El arrived on Earth, a couple who lived on a farm in Smallville, Kansas adopted Kal-El and renamed him, Clark Kent. Clark continued to grow up on the family farm and go to school. Clark attended the University of Metropolis …show more content…

Superman uses this place as a place to think and as his headquarters. Superman always comes back to save the people of Metropolis though. Superman believes that he needs to tribute his capability to save the people of Earth, a place he calls home now.
Bruce Wayne better known as Batman was born in the city of Metropolis/Gotham city, (The city is called Metropolis during the day and called Gotham City at night, but it is the same city.) Bruce grew up in a wealthy family in the 1930’s. One night the family had gone to the local theater to watch a movie. On their way back home they were stopped by a mugger. The mugger demanded the pearl necklace that was around Bruce’s mother’s neck. When his father denied the mugger of the necklace he shot both of Bruce’s parents. After his parents were shot he sat by them on the concrete until a woman by the name of Leslie Thompkins came and helped him home and into the care of the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. After the traumatizing event of his parents death Bruce pledges to avenge his parents death by saving innocents from experiencing the pain and suffering he had to go through. Bruce spent most of his preteen to teen years traveling the world to make himself more experienced in fighting skills and techniques, which he will use as Batman. After traveling he returns back to Gotham city and becomes a billionaire industrialist. While living in Gotham city he also becomes the notorious Batman. Since Batman

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