A Summary Of The Chapter Of A Midnight Dreary?

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Once upon a midnight dreary, the guard had entered, weak and weary [CI]To guard the same old pizzeria he’s guarded many times before— [CI]Sat in the office, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping [CI]Just like someone gently rapping, rapping on his office door. [CI]”Just my head,” he had muttered, “Not a knocking on the door— [CI]Only this, and nothing more.” [CI]’The heating!’ He remembered, as it was a cold December [CI]And not a blaze, a fire, nor ember brought warmth up to the ground floor [CI]Eagerly he wished the morrow:— Vainly had he looked to borrow [CI]From his pockets, but O sorrow— Sorrow, for his phone’s with him no more— [CI]He must have left it in his coat, for it’s in his jean pocket no more— [CI]Left timeless, he, …show more content…

The tapping is no more!— [CI]And I’ll know for certain that it’s no machine of gears and gore;— [CI]It’s the heating! Nothing more!” [CI]Once the guard traversed the clutter, he soon let a fearful stutter, [CI]For he had seen a thing he’d once believed was merely urban lore; [CI]Not a moment stopped or stayed he, for the door control did reach he; [CI]With heaving breaths the guard managed close the office door— [CI]Staring out into the darkness to what stood behind the door— [CI]Groaned and stood, and nothing more. [CI]This purple rabbit smiling, with the poor guard’s terror rising, [CI]Terrified of the machinery and comic suit it wore, [CI]”Why do you stand, grim and graven,” he said, “Outside my haven, [CI]Like a deathly crow or raven wandering from the Styx’s shore— [CI]Tell me how you just left the stage, let alone the Styx’s shore!” [CI]He asked the beast of gears and gore. [CI]Simply staring at the lapid, the night which once was vapid, [CI]Had declined to one of horror, one that would not aim to bore; [CI]For one cannot help agreeing that there is no human being [CI]That would not shake and tremble from the visage past that door— [CI]The visage of death and misery behind that office door, [CI]The iris beast of gears and gore [CI]But the rabbit standing lonely by the metal door, did only [CI]Stand there, like it was to do so with but little purpose more [CI]Not a single word it uttered, staring at the office cluttered— [CI]As the guard had

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