A Summary Of The Stormy : A Short Story?

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"Ugg!! Gary your dumb flashlight quit working again." I said worried and maybe just a little afraid. OK, I was more than a little afraid, I was mortified. "Sorry, I can't do anything about that." Gary yelled loudly across the apartment. Gary voice echoed within our half emptied rooms. My familiar dismal visions awakened my senses once more. I was scared of my own shadow. My heart was beating faster and faster each time I heard any unexpected noice. My guilt held me prisoner and my White haired Zombie played on that. I could never run fast enough, so he caught me with his cold bony rotting hands every night. The darkness was closing in on us fast making the shadows dance as the cars drove by on the nearby city streets. I could only imagine what lingered in those shadows. Zombies, maybe? Will White Hair visit me again tonight. Why not? I disturbed his final place of rest. Old Washam Cemetary was no longer peaceful but dreary. All I see when I close my eyes was egg shells and strands of toliet paper hanging from the trees. Old broken tombsones putting of an erie glow. The statue of the soldier laying on the ground crumbled into tiny broken pieces. I can faintly vision the black roses Snake and I laid on Stormy's grave that fateful night. In the dark I had plenty of time to think about these dreary matters. I was being consumed by the negativity of my actions. Those actions had a direct impact on my current situation and I had

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