A Summary Of The Three Sovereigns For Sarah

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“The Three Sovereigns for Sarah” movie was based off events in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. There were already problems with everyone in the town because everyone wanted more property than they owned. They were without a reverend for a while and ended up voting for a man that nobody really liked. What they needed was a reverend like Reverend Parris. Parris had two daughters, a wife, and a slave to watch his kids and make food along with some other tasks. From the beginning of the movie the youngest daughter was ill. One of the slaves had practiced voodoo in the past and was showing the reverend's daughters and the girls from the town how to look into their future or have all their unanswered questions answered. Everyday the youngest daughter that was sick was getting more ill and now scared of everything. She had multiple nightmares at night that made the Reverend Parris force the little girl to fast for a couple days and then she would be fine. She was unaware that she was very ill and now they were starving her. She only got worse from there.
The sick girl was so scared that she was terrified of her own shadow. One day after the Reverend Parris had left, the slave started to show the other girls a serpent that was in a jar glass.She told all the girls that had gathered together that if they asked the serpent any question that it will answer it. The youngest girl that was already petrified started screaming and soon the older sister started screaming as if she was getting

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