A Summary of Rick Riordan's 'The Maze of Bones'

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"The Maze of Bones" P1. Rick Riordan's 2008 novel "The Maze of Bones" presents readers with an intricate account involving the Cahill family and its adventurous experiences. The book focuses on the lives of Amy and Dan Cahill, two orphans who watch their grandmother as she passes away and who learn that they are the members of a powerful family. They are provided with a series of missions and they come to put their abilities into use, considering that Amy is an informational genius and that Dan is very good with numbers. The two children encourage readers to join them in going through several adventures and to fight various rivals that emerge as they are closing in on the goal of their searches. This manuscript is an adventure novel for children, but it can also appeal an adult public as a consequence of the complex storyline. P2. Amy is 14 years old and is one of the central characters in the novel. In spite of her young age, the girl appears to understand the situation that she is in and she does not hesitate to risk remaining penniless when she is presented with the question of choosing whether she wants a million dollars or whether she wants to get involved in one of the greatest challenges that she had ever come across. Amy lost her parents when she was seven and this reflected positively on her character. Instead of losing hope and feeling distressed she started to take on more mature attitudes and she basically come to accept that she needed to care for herself if

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