Gone Girl By Amy Dunne

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Gone Girl Case Study Amy Dunne at first expression is a nice, cool, stylish female who would be an ideal daughter and wife. She is her parents’ inspiration for a children’s book series called “Amazing Amy”, which was about a perfect girl who overcomes all obstacles that come her way. To her husband Nick Dunne, she is a dedicated wife, who loves him dearly, and struggles to make her marriage work. Okay now let’s give you the real Amy, analyzing her throughout the book it seems she should be diagnosed with Borderline personality disorders. The real Amy she is actually a narcissistic person who has many different personalities and pretenses. While analyzing her throughout “Gone Girl”, she has maintained an image that was described above. In order to better understand Amy Dunne I am using Erik Erikson’s approach. In the beginning of Gone Girl, Amy has written a diary in which we have seen her personality as an image she developed of herself as Fake Amy. In Erik Erikson 's approach, Amy seems to be stuck in the stages between five to twelve years old of her psychosocial development. During these stages normally children focus on being good or doing things right, they show early signs of industry and diligence. (Erikson, 1950, p. 247) Normally parents withhold encouragement during these phases. But Amy was rather than being praised by her parents felt constantly compared to a perfect, fictional image of herself in “Amazing Amy”. Which resulted to a complex while she was

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