A Survey On Data Mining Classification Algorithms

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A Survey on Data Mining Classification Algorithms
Abstract: Classification is one of the most familiar data mining technique and model finding process that is used for transmission the data into different classes according to particular condition. Further the classification is used to forecast group relationship for precise data instance. It is generally construct models that are used to predict potential statistics trends. The major objective of machine data is to perfectly predict the class for each record. This article focuses on a survey on different classification techniques that are mostly used in data-mining.
Keywords: Data mining, Classification, decision tree, neural network.
Data mining is one of the many
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Classification contains finding rules that partition the data into disjoint groups patterns and process. The goal of classification is to evaluate the input data to develop a precise. Explanation or model for each class using the features by using the present data.
Data mining and knowledge discovery is the name frequently used to refer to a very interdisciplinary field, which consists of using methods of several research areas to extract knowledge from real-world datasets. There is a distinction between the terms data mining and knowledge discovery which seems to have been introduced by [Fayyad et al.1996].the term data mining refers to the core step of a broader process, called knowledge discovery in database. Architecture of data mining structure is defined the following figure.

 Data cleaning
 Data integration
 Data selection
 Data transformation
 Pattern evaluation
 Knowledge presentation.
Data cleaning: Data cleaning or data scrubbing is the process of detecting as well as correcting (or removing) inaccurate data from a record set. It handles noisy data it represents random error in attribute values. In very large dataset noise can come in many shapes and forms. And irrelevant data handles the missing and unnecessary data in the source file.
Data integration: Data integration process contains the data from multiple sources.
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