Converting Raw Medical Data Into Informative Data Through Data-Mining Tools

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Data Mining, a sub-branch of computer science, involving statistics, methods and calculations to find patterns in large amount of data sets, and database systems. Generally, data mining is the process to examine data from different aspects and summarizing it into meaningful information. Data mining techniques depict actions and future trends, allowing any individual to make better and knowledge-driven decisions.[1][2]

In the past few years, research appeared from medical laboratories has converted how we practice health care activities. Leading machines/technologies from the MRI scanner to the small blood glucose monitor are helping us live healthier and better lives. Health information technology produces cost-effective solutions to maintain and analyze electronic health records [3]. The emerging era of Health Information Technology (HIT) has provided cost effective solutions to healthcare services. (Chaudhry et al.,2006). Basically Health Information technology is a techniques which involves different kind of softwares and machines to work on health care data and take better decisions (Brailer, & Thompson, 2004)

Problem Statement:

Health information has been expressed as the “foundation” for better health variously. However, the health information field is too complex. The dispersed healthcare data, which is the main problem, have attracted the attention of many researchers. Furthermore, due to the varied nature of healthcare data, it has become much complicated…

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