A Synopsis Of Othello

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William Shakespeare’s book, Othello, is a tragedy written in the year 1603, based on the story, A Moorish Capital. It revolves around four main characters, Othello, his wife Desdemona, Cassio who is a Lieutenant and Othello’s most trusted, and Iago, who is Othello’s ensign, Most of the action in the play takes place on the island of Cyprus. The themes covered include love, racism, revenge, betrayal, jealousy and envy, and repentance. The book Othello is a tragedy since it attains the standards put by Aristotle when defining the word tragedy. The writer uses drama to talk about the fall of an individual who was once in a higher place. This fall could either be due to internal or external forces. It is a tragedy that explains what happens …show more content…

Adding some more comedy to the story will make the story more interesting, which will attract existing and new fans of the drama. In order to turn it into a more comedy-like movie, the heroes could have been in a more flexible state, where their life was messier, diversified and with unexpected twists and turns, rather than straight forward, and in simple binaries. Practically, this can be applied or the case of Desdemona, when she was defending Othello before his father. Out of fear, she would have instead of facing his father confidently, chosen to let the matter die out of silence. In Cyprus during the party, Othello would have rushed home, without leaving the party in control of Cassio. More humor could come when Othello has no one to blame for the disturbance during this …show more content…

The demand of 3D films has continually increased over the past decade. The revenues of these 3D films have always been on a rise, which is an indication that more people are watching movies in theatres. Reimagining Shakespeare’s Othello as a 3D movie can also help to reboot the story, especially among young people. The director of the movie can add or change some aspects of the story that may not be appealing to the audience, and introduce new scenes to take advantage of the 3D technology, and also to make the movie more interesting. 3D is best enjoyed with scenes involving a lot of action, the director can therefore capitalize on the violence that exists in the story, which is caused by jealousy and need for revenge. For instance, to add some aspects of action in the movie, the director can introduce fights and other types of violence, to make it thrilling and interesting at the same time. Individuals who already know the story and the characters would also be curious to see Othello as a 3D movie. As Shakespeare’s stories are famous and widely known, the production of the movie would create some buzz, attracting new audience at the same

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