A Teacher 's View And Experience With Children With Learning Disabilities

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Every student is unique and learns differently from everyone else. An important part of a teacher’s job, especially in elementary school, is to identify how each child learns best and help them to achieve success. As the years progress more and more students are being diagnosed with some sort of learning disability. A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects the way a person processes information. I believe that it is vital that all teachers learn how to accommodate learning disabled students accordingly because every child deserves the right to thrive. To learn about a teacher’s view and experience with children with learning disabilities, I interviewed my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Zuber. Mr. Zuber is one of the first people who inspired me to be a teacher and he has always been one of my role models. He currently teaches fifth grade at Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School in Haverhill, Ma. He has been a teacher for twenty-seven years and has also taught in Winthrop and Lowell. From his experience, he has come to the conclusion that there is never enough support for this particular group of students. According to Mr. Zuber, “Some of these kids are very bright and do extremely well but they need the proper supports and sometimes they are not always getting what they need and when it does occur it can be really positive.” This means that with the proper support and help from others these learning disabled students can thrive and meet their goals. In his

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