A Thousand Splendid Suns : Life That Builds One From Inside Out

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Family is a part of life that builds one from inside out. Whether or not one likes their family, no one will ever more be important than its family. Despite this, A Thousand Splendid Suns delineates family’s worth and it’s significance it plays in our lives. Though, the novel does not only range from blood-relatives, but to those who share the most sentimental of moments; those who accompany you during your times of hardship; those who give you an akin cordial feeling of home. These characteristics give definition to what family can mean to an individual or as a whole. An example of the “family importance” theme given by the novel, are our two main protagonist, Mariam and Laila. The two share a nonbiological mother-daughter relationship and also share similar adversities that they’ve faced with concerning with their parents. In comparison, Mariam and Laila share evident similarities that pertain to the tribulations of their father and mother.
On one half of the story, Mariam is set with a father, Jalil, that intermittently visits her, since he was troubled with difficulties from his former spouse, her mother, Nana, which is a strong woman, able to raise Mariam throughout her childhood single-handedly. Jalil, time to time, visits Mariam to show his affection, though, early in the novel, Jalil doesn’t show much love for Mariam; it is more of an latent feeling that still needs nourishment to fully be expressed. Jalil at first is seemingly treacherous and speaks with treason;

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