A Trip To Dubai Essay

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Family trips are a lot more fun if you have planned ahead. Thoughtfully crafting your trip itinerary will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. This is especially true if you’re vacationing to Dubai – one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities – with your children. Dubai is a fantastic family holiday destination with a myriad of sights and sounds that will surely be a treat for everyone’s senses. From the world’s tallest skyscrapers to vibrant shopping souks, there is definitely something for everyone. To best enjoy what this bustling metropolis has to offer, here are some useful tips that can let you and your family enjoy Dubai to the fullest:
1. Age is not just a number
It is important to take your child’s age into consideration
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Pack smart
Check what the weather will be on the dates you are in Dubai. Be mindful of dress codes and customs especially in more historical areas and places of worship. While Dubai is generally relaxed, it is best to dress modestly, even for children. Women may be required to wear head scarves and clothing that covers the arms, shoulders, and legs when entering mosques.
Summer essentials
It is best to bring loose clothing that covers your arms and legs. Swimwear is allowed in beaches, swimming pools, spas, and for other water-related activities. Late May to October are the hottest months, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. Bring items that will prevent sunburn such as lip balms, sunscreen, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and even umbrellas. Wear appropriate footwear to avoid burning your feet on beach sand. Do not forget to pack water to avoid dehydration. Winter wear
From December to February, pack a light jacket or sweater as the desert can become quite chilly in the evenings. For women, pashminas or scarves can provide warmth or as a modest cover-ups. You can still dress as you are like in the summer months as Dubai is warm and humid all throughout the year, but may be a little bit colder during the winter
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