A Trumpet Note For Heroes Analysis

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In the article, A Trumpet Note for Heroes published by Dee Brown, found in Readings in United States History vol. II, 7TH edition. There are many mythical beliefs added and/or extended throughout history. It keeps thoughts alive and curiosity high when discussing the historical events that occurred throughout the late 19th century, along with the times before and after. Although, only a handful may know what true events took place, the legends and myths brought upon throughout it are what give history its remarkable significance it contains to this day. Mythical events and/or characters mentioned will always fall in between beneficial and pernicious regarding to the opinion of an individual. However, there is always a line that divides virtual …show more content…

Throughout the article there were plenty of characters that were compared, real to mythical, and there were also legends told that could have been or may not have been true. One of the characters that stood out to me was Jesse Woodland James, the well-known in the old west for bank robberies, train robberies and murder when he killed a banker mistakenly thinking the banker was responsible for the shooting of Bloody Bill. However what caught my attention was the accusations of Jesse James taking from the wealthy and giving back to the poor. Although, there was no proof for this, it was compared to the mythical-being known as Robin Hood. Who was also known as an outlaw in the English Folklore, as well as taking from the higher class and giving back to the lower class. Just as Jesse James sent impudent messages to Pinkerton detectives and newspapers, Robin Hood did the same sending letters to the sheriff of Nottingham. However, with actuality, Jesse James and his gang had prices on their heads for the crimes they committed in which he paid the ultimate price for and was shot dead in his own home by Robert …show more content…

Bonney. Not even exiting his teenage years, legend say he had killed a dozen men; he roamed then southwestern ranges killing, robbing and having sexual relations with Mexican maidens who would later sing about their bandit King Billy. At the age of twelve he gained huge reputation by committing his first murder on a man for making a remark about his mother, and it exceeded from there on. In mythology Billy was a Hermes, who chose the dark side of his destiny rather than the boring life that it could of led to. With a mortal taking sympathy of gods, extreme transformations will occur and take place. Later on, Billy was arrested for killing a sheriff, where he later escaped by taking the lives of two security guards. In 1881, the reality and mythical stories that were told were later sold on the streets of the city where he was born which was called The True Life of Billy the Kid, which sky-rocketed William’s

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