A Unique Atmosphere

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a unique atmosphere. The flow was very artistic; you can see colors all over, artifacts on every town square, greenery and organic flowing lines. Within all this Design madness a

modern artifact stood out for me. Looking at it from a distance, it grabbed my attention with its light translucent structure; I couldn’t define the shape. In my eyes all I could see was clustered, intersecting, free stranding lines in the middle of Plaza Nova. This installation titled “Identity” was designed by Chinese-based studio Urbanus, for Voltaire’s “Barcelonans extreme love of freedom” 300th anniversary of 11 September 1714. On that date, after a thirteen month siege, the city of Barcelona collided with French-Castilian troops and it turned into a very bloody affair that involved all sectors of the city. The sacrifices and subsequent spirit of recovery turned this date into a symbol of the Catalan existing national entity. A colored bamboo structure in a grid installation reinterpreting a form of an ancient wall with vaults creating openings you could walk through. This modern artifact had clearly behind it more than aesthetic beauty; a sense of travel through Time and Space emerged while gazing in to this monument. The “Identity” piece had an urban definition within the space and a strong feel of cultural representation.


The openings from both sides are crucial design elements. Each side represents a culture; on one of them you have the series of Roman arched opening. The Roman

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