A Very Brief Look at Ireland

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An old myth claims that St.Patrick used his to scare all the snakes into sea. Therefore, there are no snakes in Ireland. Ireland gained it’s independence from Great Britain in 1937. The “head” of Ireland is still under Britain’s command. Before Ireland became a country, Ireland was covered in ice and snow, during the the Last Glacial Maximum. The Last Glacial Maximum is the era when ice covered northern Europe, Asia, and America, which was about 20,000 years ago. Ireland is the sixth richest country in the world, which is surprising because it is mostly farm land.

Around 600 and 800 B.C. Celtic tribes began to settle on Ireland. Around the 12th century Britain took the Irish’s independence. During the potato famine, in the 1840s, farmers dug up potatoes then a day after the potatoes became slimy, blackish, “mass of rottenness”. About 1 1/4 million Irish left their homes. They took ships Canada and America hoping for a better life.

On 1916, Easter Monday, Ireland started a Rebellion. The “IRA”, Irish Republican Army, fought Britain for five years to win independence for 26 southern counties. The other 6 counties are still under Britain’s control. This lead to the “Troubles” in the 1960’s which were acts of violence on the United Kingdom Army. The United Kingdom, United States, and Ireland was a part of a process that helped traders and sellers which is know as “The Good Friday Agreement” in 1988, in Northern Ireland. In 1990, Mary Robinson changed Ireland’s history by

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