A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Religion Essay

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The Falsehood of One’s Religion
Karl Lund
ENG130: Introduction to Literature
Colorado State University Global Campus
5/06/16 The Falsehood of One’s Religion Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a story that tells of an aging angel that falls from the heavens and onto the property of this poor fisherman’s family. Instead of nursing him back to health, the family locks the angel up and turns him into a town attraction, where he is continually disrespected. Marquez’s short story clearly illustrates the hypocritical aspects of religion and the effects they can have on other people. When Pelayo first discovers the angel in his yard, he becomes frightened and fetches his wife to help examine the creature. After
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She goes on to tell them that he should be clubbed to death, although they do not have the heart to do so. Her information is not based on any fact, and she gives no concrete reason as to why he should be killed. Regardless, her “knowledge” of the matter is enough to convince Pelayo and his wife; neither question the information she has given them, which instills a fear and sense of awe upon them and the entire community. This type of religious hearsay, interpreted as fact by the characters, pops up throughout the entire story and seems to skew their perceptions and actions. Pelayo, seeing a way to profit on the angel’s fall, decides to show him off to the townspeople like a zoo animal and make money off of it. The townspeople soon see that the winged man is nothing special, doesn’t speak a language they can understand, and can’t perform big miracles. They fail to see the uniqueness or beauty in his wings and are unable to appreciate the supernatural. Their religions and folklore have given them expectations for what to expect, and are disappointed that he can’t perform to their
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