A Well Dinner At The Family Table

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A well-prepared dinner at the family table was a staple of my childhood. Arriving home from a long day at school, I could always expect my mother to soon make her way to the kitchen to begin her, as she called it, “second job.” College life and all of its responsibilities, however, have flipped my expectations of my day-to-day eating experiences. Keeping a log of when and why I am eating has opened my eyes to the reality of food no longer being a priority in my life. I eat when I can afford the time as other obligations take my focus. Food has also mostly lost its human qualities. I now feel as if I am merely consuming to allow myself to continue functioning as opposed to enjoying food for its quality or savoring a social aspect. The first thing I immediately noticed from my food journal was the minimalistic nature of my diet. I begin the average weekday by consuming something unimaginative, such as oatmeal or a sandwich, before making my way to campus. After my classes, it is nearly three in the afternoon when I attempt to contemplate what I will next have. This midday meal usually consists, yet again, of something lackluster and repetitive. Many of these meals are a basic sandwich or include a baked potato. Beyond that meal is a guessing game as to when I will eat again. I try to push back eating as long as I can so that I can accomplish as many responsibilities as possible. Only once hunger has brought itself to the forefront of my consciousness will I then again
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