A Woman's Role in Society

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These plays are also very similar in that they dicuss and deal with the same type of situations and scenarios. Both plays helped change society in the way that men view the roles of women in their lives. Nora and Mrs. Wright both are in marriages that they must leave or get out of although they handled their situations very differently the two women in the plays set a precedent and changed the roles of women in society forever. Editor of Drama For Students David M. Galens expains in beginning of “A Doll's House”, Nora returns home from shopping and Torvald is disappointed in her excessive spending. Nora pouts and acts as a child, and Torvald then address's her as the child she is acting to be. The relationship she has with her husband Torvald directly mirrors the relationship with her father, we also see that their relationship is based on dishonesty as Nora has to lie and hide the macaroons that Torvald has banned her from eating. Nora Helmer reveals to a friend Mrs. Linde that she had taken out a loan, to pay for a trip that eventually saved her husband. Nora forged her fathers signature in order to take out the loan since it was illegal. Nora did so to show that she could both take care of her family and conduct business. The only other person to know of Nora's…
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