A 's Silent Treatment Is One Of Their Favourite Games Of Mind Control Essay

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A narcissist’s silent treatment is one of their favourite games of mind control. It is a passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse. Those who have never been subjected to this form of abuse will find it difficult to understand the utter devastation caused by what is sometimes known as mental murder. The narcissist will deliberately ignore their target in order to cause harm, often encouraging others to do the same (Ostracism). The person who is being ignored or ostracised is left feeling worthless with their self esteem lying somewhere in the gutter. The narcissist will express their disapproval by shutting down, withdrawing any love or affection, refusing to communicate and denying their target any explanation. Why? Avoidance, control, disempowerment and / or punishment, punishment for some perceived slight that their target is completely unaware of. They know how they are making the other person feel but in their sick and twisted mind, they believe they deserve it. Their emotional maturity is typical of a five year old child who sulks and storms off until they get what they want. The victim often reaches out to the abuser in an attempt to resolve the situation. Their phone calls will go unanswered, their emails or texts will be ignored. All attempts at communication are met with contempt and a deafening silence. This passive aggressive behaviour is usually a repetitive form of emotional abuse which the narcissist will practice time and time again with each

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