What Is A Narcissistic Sociopath

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Most people would probably think of a narcissistic sociopath as having a high self-esteem, but the majority of the time, it is the exact opposite. They have a deep sense of insecurity of underneath their grand exterior. They want/need others to be envious of them, but usually they are the jealous one. They are competitive and threatened by others achievements. Their relationships are often stormy and short-lived. They leave a trail of hurt feelings in their wake. They are easily hurt, but normally choose not to show it. They can't stand criticism, make excuses, and refuse to take responsibility for their own flaws and failures. They believe they are natural leaders who can easily sway others. They never listen. It’s a one way street. All take, no give. …show more content…

Is a person simply born this way? Do they grow and evolve into a narcissist or sociopath. The causes of narcissistic personality disorder aren't well understood. Inherited genetic defects are thought to be responsible for up to 50% of cases. Environmental factors may also contribute to the disorder, such as childhood abuse and/or neglect, excessive pampering or unrealistic expectations from parents. (Levy, R. 2015). Parents fail to provide sufficient nurturing and support or an emotional level by not recognizing and respecting their children's individuality, but they also try to mold them according to their image of how they should be. The lack of nurturing and recognition aggravates the distortions, but it is the distortion that produces the narcissistic

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