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Yiping Zhao 11343239 AC471-005 Issue What potential tax problems might result if an individual pursues his plan to transfer 40% of the corporate stock to his two children as gifts? Would it make any difference if an individual received all voting stock and had the new corporation transfer nonvoting stock to his children? Fact T, an individual taxpayer, plans to incorporate his farming and ranching activities, currently operated as a sole proprietorship. His primary purpose of incorporating is to transfer a portion of his ownership in land to his son and daughter. T believes that gifts of stock rather than land will keep his business intact. Included in the property he plans to transfer is machinery purchased two years earlier.…show more content…
If this individual receiving all voting stock and then transfer to his children, he actually “control” the corporation and his children will have ability to “control” the corporation in fact. It will be qualified to recognize no gain or loss during the transaction. Under the Reg. §1.47-3(f) (5) (ii), the transferor of the section 38 property in any taxable year dose not retain a substantial interest in the trade or business directly or indirectly. According to this code, the transferor does not need to make the payment for tax of the interest during the property transaction only if the property can be qualified to “section 38 property” which indicate property (1) with respect to which depreciation is allowable to the taxpayer (2) has an estimated useful life of 3 years or more (3) which is tangible personal property or other tangible property. In this case, the machinery purchased by the individual two years ago can be applied for the “section 38 property” which also means the transferor does not need to pay for the interest happened during the transaction. And because of the gift of stock made by the individual caused a reduction in his interest. Which occurred at a time when the useful lives were just taken into account in computing the credit about the “section 38 property”. Unless his remain interest is a substantial interest, the section 47(b) would no longer be applicable and total

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