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Assessment 1 – Written Assignment: Part B A major component of the care Paramedics provide is the assessment of a patient’s physical status, which is the ground for any further treatment. The assessment method that an Advanced Care Paramedic follows is a systematic assessment referred to as the Primary Survey. The aim of this fundamental assessment is to give an initial diagnosis of the patient as well as identifying any imminent threats to the patient. This assessment is used so that a Paramedic can decide how to treat the patient while staying within the boundaries of their scope of practice. Throughout this essay the concept of a primary survey within the scope of practice of an Advanced Care Paramedic will be understood. Additionally …show more content…

The pulse is an indication of an individual’s heart rate. When checking for a pulse in the primary survey, begin with palpating the patient’s radial or carotid artery (Basic Patient Care 2012, p. 50). This may reveal a normal (60-100 beats/min), tachycardia (<100 beats/min), bradycardia (> 60 beats/min) or asystole heart rate. Additionally, the capillary refill may also provide details about a patient’s cardiovascular status. This is performed by applying pressure to the nail bed and calculating the time it to takes to refill to a normal color, which should take no more then a few seconds otherwise suggesting capillary closure (Mick J Sanders, 2012, p. 1400). An additional accessory to Circulation is Hemorrhages, these involve more through examinations of the pulse, blood pressure and warmth of peripheries of patients. Additionally, you must thoroughly look for indication of bleeding, specifically in the areas around the chest, abdomen and externally seen by the eye. Upon finishing the danger, response and circulation components of the primary survey the next step is the assessment and maintenance of a patient’s airway. This is a crucial stage as a clear airway allows for air to move in and out of the lungs (Primary Survey Airway Evaluation, 2015). Patients in particular may have less ability to maintain their airway, including the tongue, or liquids

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