Rhetorical Analysis Of Animal Adoption

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Advertisements are used to catch multiple people's attention every day. When creating an advertisement to do just that, the advertisers must be creative and strategic by placing ethos, pathos, and logos into that advertisement. The animal adoption organizations have perfected the art of capturing people's hearts in a short period and making them feel something in themselves. When others feel that sense of emotion, they are urged to do something about the hurting animals and that benefits the animals and their organization. In the animal adoption advertisements, the organizations use the elements of emotion, the credibility of the organization, and the logical standpoint the advertisement is trying to give to make their advertisements work.

The trick that the ASPCA organization uses to capture people emotion is to connect with the feeling of abandonment and sadness. When one watches the commercials of the hurting and neglected animals, they feel overcome with the very emotions they are supposed to feel. An animal lover or one that has felt the same feeling of abandonment understands these animals and begins to give the small amount the advertisement asks for. They want to be the change these animals need. Emotion, good or bad, is one of the best persuade techniques to get people to connect with what the advertisement has to say. In the Shelter Pet Project organizations, the advertisements that go out to the public create a sense of happiness. This organization creates

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