The Arms Of An Angel

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In the Arms of ASPCA When someone hears the song “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah MacLauchlan, the first thing that comes to mind is the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty) commercial. The commercial is produced by ASPCA, a non-profit organization, in attempt to receive monthly donations in order to save and prevent innocent animals from being abused and neglected. With the help of this commercial, the producers try to reach out to those generous enough to donate money to their cause, helping with medical treatment and food that is essential for the well-being of these animals to make them better. The ad uses real footage of unkempt animals in these shelters and on the streets with a distraught look upon their …show more content…

The emotion in this commercial is intended to make the audience feel sympathetic and compassionate towards the animals. When it comes to these sad, pathetic animals displayed on the commercial, humans feel so strongly towards them because a huge population of the people own animals themselves. When people see the images of hurt pets in this commercial, they could picture their own pets as the ones that are malnourished or beaten. This makes the effect of pathos so much stronger here. The animals shown scared with wide eyes, frail legs and overall shabbiness, emphasize the animals’ helplessness and more importantly, aims to bring out the emotion of the audience. The slideshows of the animals are shown slowly to really catch the upsetting look upon the animals’ faces. The main focus of the video is that there are abused, neglected and lonely animals out there that can be rescued, fed, and sheltered if the viewers could just contribute a monthly gift of $18 a month. The clips of the animals in agony like the broken dogs in bandages, and cat shown with a missing eye, serves to visually affect the audience, while Sarah, who is a musician known for her emotional music, and for being a true supporter of animal welfare, is used to feature her song "Angel" in the background, and make a guest appearance. Sarah 's song is used in the commercial to

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