Aaron Schwartz Biography Essay

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Aaron Schwartz is sitting in a studio in California. The actor has recently moved from New York City to LA to continue his acting career. He is shooting with Brad Everett Young, Actor/Photographer and the founder of Dream Loud, a campaign to raise awareness for arts/music education in public schools.

"Aaron was pretty stellar to shoot with." Young says. He came in and gave it 300% and we laughed through most of it. Not sure how any of the shots turned out." He joked.

"I came out to LA eight months ago to continue pursuing a career in acting." Schwartz explains "But it proved more challenging to go from being a New York actor where most NY casting directors knew me, to an LA actor who was primarily a new face."

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"I also linked up with producer Jordan Kerner of Mighty Ducks fame and ended up signing with some pretty stellar representation KMR and BOHEMIA GROUP and I'm really excited about LA opportunities." Schwartz states.

Some of the recent opportunities include working on an independent short called "When It Burns" written and Directed by fellow Bohemia Group client Maria Sten. A synopsis can be found here.

"And I'm signed up to work on a really cool independent feature called "Will Wilson" which will be shooting in New Mexico in December which will co-star my real life girlfriend Raychel Diane Weiner." Schwartz states. Weiner stars in an up-and-coming Stars limited series "Flesh and Bone." The feature is based on a "William Wilson" by Edgar Allan Poe and the screenplay is written by David Herman.

Schwartz does get asked about these films pretty regularly. "People usually ask 'Did we know how to skate before filming the ducks?' The answer is 'We sure told casting we did.'" He laughs. "I think every kid that booked the Ducks never skated a day in their lives. Subsequently, we flew out to Minnesota a month early and trained 8 hours a day / six days a week and ended up becoming good little hockey …show more content…

"Well, looking back on television and film in the 90's I think there was a purity in the narrative. Video games were simpler. You had Contra: the most confusing aspect was the [up up down down left right left right BA BA start] code you had to enter to skip levels but that was as complex as the video game got." He says smiling. "Now we have Halo where you need a user's guide to figure out how to even shoot the gun. He explains. "I think it's the same with movies/TV. Everything just seemed a little simpler and more wholesome back then. And I think we as an audience long to escape the bullshit that can consume all of us and get lost in a fun, no frills story where the loser wins and the boy gets the

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